Choosing the Right Attorney

While the selection of counsel is a highly personal and subjective decision, there are several common factors each potential litigant should take into consideration.  Ultimately however, the most important and critical factor is your level of comfort with the attorney you decide to retain as it will become necessary to share intimate personal details with your counsel.Furthermore, your attorney should be willing and able to explain the process and legal theories involved in your case.   Never should you feel like you are being kept “in the dark”.

An important attribute of a good attorney is the ability and willingness to fully explain your options and the possible strategies that you can take to reach your desired goal.  There is always more than one option and your lawyer should be aware of them and willing to explain them to you.  Your attorney should be willing and able to discuss with you the potential outcomes of choosing a particular strategy.

When interviewing a prospective attorney, you need to determine if the attorney is offering an objective assessment of the likelihood of obtaining your objective on various issues.  For example, you may become wary if the attorney is too eager to make bold promises, such as guarantees of sole custody or guarantees that your entire wish list will be met.   Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask your lawyer questions.  Your attorney is there to help identify and evaluate your possible options.  Armed with the necessary information, you will be able to make the most informed decisions on your own behalf.


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